Are your current collaboration capabilities meeting your needs to work from anywhere?

August 30, 2020

Are your current collaboration capabilities meeting your needs to work from anywhere?

Enable cost effective, secure and cognitive collaboration through the suite of Cisco Webex solutions for safe working from anywhere and on any device.

Working from anywhere is now being touted as the new norm. Whilst the risk of contracting COVID-19 remains high, employees will not want to travel to and from a work office when the technology and capabilities exist to work from anywhere.

Businesses are realising great benefits in allowing employees to work from anywhere. One benefit is the cost savings gained from not accommodating employees in an office. Business leaders around the globe are now questioning the need of having dedicated offices when remote working has been successfully deployed. Barclays CEO, Jes Staley, recently said that ‘putting 7,000 people in a building may be thing of the past’.

To have kept employees connected, communicating and collaborating during these unprecedented times, businesses would have had to adopt video conferencing and collaboration capabilities. This would have either been through utilising and scaling out existing solutions and/or tactically provisioning new solutions to support business continuity measures. Employees and businesses should have now realised whether or not the solutions they are using is effective to enable working from anywhere, working securely and staying productive. The total cost of ownership of such solution/s will have surely been scrutinised as businesses aim to “tighten their belts”. As a result, existing capabilities may now be deemed as not adequate in meeting requirements leading to many looking for different solutions to support their remote working needs.

Transform Partners are a Cisco Select Certified Partner, Cisco Collaboration SaaS Authorization Partner and a Cisco Webex Calling Partner. Our Collaboration Practice is primed to enable businesses stay connected and work smarter through the provision of market leading solutions and consulting services that is focussed on realising value quickly and achieving fantastic user experiences (UX).

Cisco Webex Meetings, Cisco Webex (nee teams) and Cisco Webex Calling are market leading video conferencing, team collaboration and cloud communication solutions. Cisco Webex has been a trusted business collaboration solution for over a decade, in both the private and public sectors, across the world. Cisco Webex was the solution of choice for the first virtual G20 summit to ensure that the world leaders could collaborate effectively on the COVID-19 global response plan. Cisco Webex’s unrivalled security features, such as end to end encryption, was a key factor for being entrusted to hold such confidential information exchanges. If Webex is good enough for the G20 Leaders to conduct business in a secure manner then it is good enough for any business!

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