Are you feeling that your digital transformation initiatives have adversely impacted your operation?

February 4, 2021

Are you feeling that your digital transformation initiatives has adversely impacted your operation?

Achieve intended transformation outcomes through the adoption of the 4 P’s of Service Design to your transformation methodology.

It is no secret to learn that most organisations Digital Transformation strategies have accelerated in 2020-21 with the COVID-19 pandemic being a key catalyst for this. Organisations and their people have been thrown into the deep end with quick enablement of technologies to enforce business continuity and risk management. As a result, many have felt the pain of implementations due to the speed and urgency of requiring a capability to just function in a hybrid way.

Transformation executives and practitioners will have no doubt heard of the following three elements for a successful transformation: People, Process and Technology. These three elements have been commonly used over the last decade or so to describe what digital transformations need to consider in order to deliver successful outcomes. However, there is a sentiment in the market that people and organisations pay lip service to this and don’t truly understand what it takes to adhere to the critical success factors under these elements.

Transform Partners believes that the three elements, if applied correctly and in the right context, goes a long way in delivering outcomes however in today’s operational eco-systems it does not cover the depth and breadth required. The use of suppliers and partners to supplement an operational outcome is becoming common practice in addition to having vendor support. Multi Sourced operating models introduced through outsourcing, augmented resourcing and frameworks such as Service Integration and Management (SIAM) meaning operations can consist of one or more key partners to deliver operational outcomes and service customers. Therefore it is our belief that the three elements fall short of covering all the necessary ground to achieve a successful outcome. This is where we turn to the 4 P’s of Service Design to provide a more holistic and well-rounded approach than the three elements. The 4P’s of Service Design is an ITIL framework design principle and ensures that Service, User and Customer centricity is baked into the approach meaning you have to look beyond product/technology production readiness by considering and planning for operational and service readiness as a transformation outcome.

What are the 4 P’s of Service Design?

The 4P’s of Service Design is an ITIL framework design principle engineered to ensure a service-centric approach. ITIL is commonly referred to in the industry as the language of operations. The principles, practices and disciplines outlined in the framework align to common operational outcomes where the intention is to service customers and ensure a good user experience. The 4 P’s of Service Design comprise of the following pillars:

· People

· Processes

· Products

· Partners

Having these pillars at the forefront of mind when designing and transitioning solutions into operations ensures operational readiness, UX and CX that are aligned to requirements, needs and desires.

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